Living Life Turned Up To 11

Who Is Leo Donaldson?

“At first glance one might think that being a Children’s Book Author seems a tad dull and boring to some. Leo Donaldson on the other hand has many interests and hobbies that have very little to do with the writing of kids books. This is the very reason why he has this website. Take a moment to find out a bit more about the man behind the popular Children’s Book Series, Toby The Big Little Tugboat.” – Steve Jeffreys (Friend and fellow writer)

Join Us On Our Getaways

an image of Leo donaldson and janine camping next to a loch in scotland for the home pageThe photo above was taken when we were doing the NC500 in Scotland. We stopped for the night next to a Loch on the Isle of Skye (2019).

South Africa is a beautiful country and one can spend a lifetime traveling the length and breadth of it, and never get to see it all. My wife, Janine and I love to travel and will grab every opportunity we can get to do so. I have had the privilege of visiting many of the awesome places in South Africa. One thing that has eluded me… I was yet to see the rest of the world. That all changed when I met Janine. She introduced me to the wonderful world of international travel by taking me to London for the very first time. My life has never been the same since.

On my site, in the travel section, I am hoping to give you some good tips, great tricks and hopefully every now and then a good laugh. Our travel experiences will include day trips, road trips, local and international travel.

Learn How To Make Stuff

Leo Donaldson erecting a fence in the gardenThe photo above was taken when installing a Willow branch fence in our back yard (2017).

I love making stuff, repairing stuff and building stuff. Here at, I share with you the things that I make. In How to with Leo, I will be giving you ideas on DIY projects for your home as well as your garden. I will, where possible, include a step by step guide on all of these projects.

Hopefully this section of my site will inspire you to do similar things to your home or garden. 

Leo's Interests And What-not's

image of Carnivorous-Plants for the Leo Donaldson Interests pageThe photo above is of Carnivorous Plants. Sadly this is has proven to be my Kryptonite (2018).

Collecting stamps was one of the very first hobbies I ever had when I was a young boy. I thought I was pretty good at it. I was rather proud of my large collection. I later discovered how the world of stamp collecting actually’ worked and that it was really hard to find rare stamps. Unlike collecting every conceivable stamp one could find – which was what I had been doing till then.

I have since had many hobbies… some successes… some failures.

A few of my successes listed below: 

  • Bottled Chili
  • Cooking – from Wok to Slow Cooker to Braai (BBQ).
  • 250L Mbuna Cichlids Fish Tank – a species of Malawi Cichlid – which I am particularly proud of – and,
  • A pond outside that I made out of a half a wine barrel with fountain, Lilies and Goldfish.

Latest Blog Posts

On my Blog post section, there will be articles on… Travel Tips… Cooking… DIY Projects… Most of these articles will be written by me – Leo Donaldson. From time to time I am hoping to get guest writers to write about subjects that I would like to know more about. Feel free to contact me about things that you might be interested in and I will try to assist. That way we can all learn together.