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As far as I can recall, I have always wanted to learn how to make things or repair things that are broken. When I was very young my late father used to bring broken radios home and I would spend hours on end taking them apart. I would try to see how they work. In all honesty, I cannot say that a single radio was fixed in that time, and in most cases, I couldn’t even remember how to put them back together again. But I did love it, so much so that I still love working with my hands today.

Thankfully, these days things I take apart are mostly fixed and made to work again, so I must have learned something.
I remember that my father had one single rule regarding his tools, that stuck with me, “If you use it, put it back where you got it.”

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of SomeLeo Donaldson How To Page Safety First goggles Image

I am by no means the master of the things that I make or present on here. A different way to look at it is this, I do extensive research when attempting any project. By the time I begin working I found out, to the best of my ability, how to do it the right way.

I do understand that there are some of you that will visit this site that are professionals in your field or at very least has some experience. You, of course, are very welcome here and, I encourage you, to leave comments where you think I could do it better or in an easier way. I am always willing to learn from someone that knows and I am sure that the other visitors will benefit from your input as well.

The most important thing here is to remember to enjoy what you do and have fun while doing it. AND! Never forget… SAFETY FIRST.

Use What You HaveLeo Donaldson how to page basic tools image

For the longest time, I was of the mindset that, if only I had this tool or that tool then I can make stuff. But I learned how to get things done with the basic tools that I have. All of the crafts and projects that are shown here on leodonaldson.com require basic tools wherever possible. If more specialized tools are required, I will let you know.