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Both Janine and I love exploring. It is not uncommon for us to wake early on a Sunday morning and hit the road as soon as we are dressed. On one such a morning we both woke very early and after a cup of coffee made the decision to go on a short trip. The choice to go to Gordons Bay was an easy one and soon we hit the road, Breakfast was planned the minute we arrive after our 40 minute drive. 

What we only realized once we arrived in Gordons Bay was that none of the shops or restaurants were open. This happened because we were just too early. We were forced to drive for another two hours before we finally found a lovely little place on the sea where we had our breakfast. This has since become one of our funny stories that we fondly share.

Usually, we do not have a specific plan of destination – those are the best trips.

Our “road trips” as we refer to them, most often take us out into the countryside where we inevitably end up on a Wine Estate or the like. 

There is some debate as to whether we love traveling as much as we like our wine, I think that neither of us is in a hurry to make a decision as to which it is.

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Here I chat about anything. Join me as I learn how to make amazing things from Tech to DIY. I hope to take you along on these exciting findings.

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