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Anyone that has traveled at least a little in their life will tell you that it can be difficult to know where to start when you are planning a dream holiday. Here at leodonaldson.com, I have listed some great Travel Tips for you that will hopefully help your travel planning flow a lot smoother.

Whether you are planning a day trip (affectionately known by us as a road trip) or, if you should need a longer break away from your busy schedule, a weekend away… OR if you would like to go abroad on a vacation of a lifetime. I’m hoping that the articles in Leo’s Travel Tips relating to Travel Safety, Planning a Trip abroad or locally will enable you to find the information you need quickly and efficiently.

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Sunday Road TripsLeo Donaldson Kalk-bay-image-for-travel tips-page

Kalk Bay Harbour the home of Tobybooks.com

Something that Janine and I have done, almost from the first week of being together was to have Sunday Road trips. Neither of us are late sleepers so we hit the road pretty early. We rarely have a plan for what we are going to do or where we are going. We just head in any direction, often taking the roads less travelled and see where we end up. Thankfully, where we live in Cape Town is very central, this allows us to go to the Atlantic Seaboard, the West Coast or the Cape Winelands, all within 20 minutes to a half an hour’s drive. Why not tag along on our next trip at Leo’s Blog and experience the day out with us.

“Local Is Lekker” GetawaysPaternoster-image-for-travel tips-

The photo was taken on our trip to Paternoster (2016)

Shortly after moving to Cape Town, the very first getaway weekend that I visited with Janine, was a small fishing village on the West Coast of the Cape, called Paternoster. One of the best travel tips I will ever give you is for you to go visit this village. I guarantee that you will not be able to visit this place and not come away with a feeling of nostalgia or even a sense of slight melancholy for having to leave.

Somehow it gives one a feeling of home, not only that but a feeling that it has been your home for a very long time. Even if you experience none of that, it is still worth the visit.  To be honest, from the very first time that I visited Paternoster I made a decision that I would one day like to retire there. Who knows, you might just come away from your visit feeling the same.

Here we give you the opportunity to read about our experiences, look at beautiful photos that we have taken and in a small way, enjoy our weekend getaways with us.

One day, hopefully, you will go and visit this magnificent village yourself.

Travel Tips For Going Abroad

Travel-tips-Header-ImageThis photo was taken when we visited the Laphroaig Distillery on Islay, an Island off the West Coast of Scotland (2019)

For the longest time I didn’t give much thought to traveling overseas due to ignorance. I thought it was simply a case of it being too costly for anyone to do anymore. That however was before I discovered that there were cheaper options available if you took the time to look around.

Today Janine and I make a point of making a couple of getaways a year – one local trip and one international trip (whenever we can).

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